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Currently posts on the blog permit no comments. This is not because people were posting annoying comments but because spam bots were. However, I think that to continue this policy is to allow the spam bots to win. Given the nature of some of my upcoming posts, it might be nice to hear the comments of readers (if there are any). My comments policy was always that it is very valuable to read what people think of my posts.

I think I will maintain a no comments policy for existing posts and will allow comments on new posts starting in February. If you have a favourite post that you’d like to comment on then for now you will have to contact me via the special hidden form and let me know. Perhaps I’ll enable comments for that post, or perhaps you’ll just be able to tell me contact box to contact box!

All previous comments and trackbacks have been deleted from the database, which I feel a bit embarrassed about now. After all, comments (at least real ones) are the contributions of people who take the time to read the blog. Nevertheless, I won’t drop them again once they are reactivated. Though I do reserve the right to close comments immediately on political posts and such like.

When I used Octopress I had Disqus comments and they worked quite well, but I have never managed to get them to work for me on WordPress. That’s a shame because Disqus seems to integrate well with the current theme (Cover), judging by the author’s website. That’s why I need till February: to sort things out and see what the best possible commenting solution would be.

And now that the Internet of Things is supposedly taking off, perhaps I will get a comment from somebody’s toaster or fridge!

On The Internet of Things Nobody Knows You're a Fridge for Comments Policy Post


Cover image is “Microphone” by drestwn, creative commons license. I cropped the image a little and applied a filter with Analog.

I first saw the Internet of Things picture on Twitter, this time I found it on Google Images and claim fair use.

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