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5 Interesting Links

Just a quick post to keep up my streak. I looked for some inspiration in my notebooks and found a few links to some interesting articles. Sometimes it’s good to go back to old links and explore what they have to offer a few months or years later.

  1. Bret Victor, beast of burden. Excellent programmer with some pretty sound thoughts on education. Consistently excellent presentation of his thoughts too.
  2. Accelerating Serendipity by Stef Lewandowski. Medium post about how to make things happen in cool and fortunate ways. I loved Stef’s posts back when I was a more avid user of Medium but unfortunately the app began to annoy me.
  3. How to post to WordPress via email with Jetpack. This is probably a niche article on the JetPack support site, left more as a crumb for me to follow at a later stage. This help article shows just how powerful the post by email feature is.
  4. The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food. This article should be a wake up call for everyone. Sadly though, over two years on it doesn’t appear to have been.
  5. Travels in the New Psychedelic Bazaar. Another long read from two years ago about synthetic drugs – often called legal highs in the UK. Vanessa Grigoriadis explores the world of synthetic drugs: what they are, how they get made, their cultural place, etc. It’s a very interesting read, full of concern but not preachy about the subject.

A mixed batch to be sure, but hopefully some interesting stuff to explore!

Cover image is “Bokeh Link Fence” by Will Montague (creative commons license).

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