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Resolution Time!

Featured image by Rubin Starset, creative commons license

How time flies! It seems like just a few weeks ago that I wrote a post about new year’s resolutions and pledged to defer making any resolutions until today, the 17th of June.

I confess I haven’t really come up with anything yet, save to apply for an(other) MSc and do really well at it if I get on.

My day-to-day priorities seem pretty settled (I recently changed job) and even from month to month I feel more and more like I know what I’m doing. From past experience, this is usually when something bites you but let’s not worry about that until it does!

My resolutions are the same as they have always been: to understand the world around me better and to write more blog posts (notionally based on that understanding, or the failure to acquire the same such). More posts are coming!

Featured image is Aftermath by Rubin Starset, shared under the CC BY-NC-SA license. No modifications have been made.

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