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On Planning, Cooking

I did it. Kind of. I made a shopping list for a week’s worth of meals and stuck to it. A small win, but a win nonetheless.

I had to do this. Thanks to some tax issues (which are now resolved) I haven’t been getting my full pay packet and so money has been a bit tight. I often spend more money than I should on food because I don’t plan and end up buying something crappy on the way home. This way I’ve managed to keep costs down and eat better food.

The week of planned meals has not ended yet but there are two meals in my fridge waiting to be reheated. Some vegetables too. I invested some time in learning how to make fricassees (“make” seems like the wrong word as they are so easy) and it has been worth it. There is little better than that moment where you get accustomed to a new recipe and start knocking out all kinds of variations.

Of course I now have to follow this up and do it again. Another week of the same next week, and again until it is rote and not worth remarking upon. Which it already should be, but I had to start somewhere. It will be even better when I have a freezer and don’t have to have three consecutive days of the same thing because I’m keeping leftovers in the fridge.

What are you trying to do differently at the moment? Please drop me a line and let me know. I’d also love it if you got in touch with some recipes for me to try.

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