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Do the work first. Create the following and the audience first. Prove your value first. Demonstrate your understanding of an industry first. Do all that then, and only then, maybe a company will have the confidence in you to provide the freedom and creative latitude for you to do what you want that will ultimately benefit them and their bottom line. It took me 14 years to understand this.

Casey Neistat, film maker.

I applied for 44 jobs yesterday and today. There’s a disconnect here between all that advice about doing work and the rewards that it eventually brings to you. Particularly when you constantly feel the pressure of not having the resources to keep plugging away. I suppose it will always be this way, you can’t necessarily expect to ever reach a point where you have stopped, when there isn’t work that needs doing which may nevertheless go unrewarded. It’s just that I could really do with a wage again. I believe there is a way to write an extended post about these sentiments in a way that isn’t self-pitying, so I may do that at a later date.

Hero image is “Unplugged” by Iacapo S. I found the original on Flickr. I cropped it and applied a filter with Analog (mainly to mask the effects of increasing the pixel count). Both the original and its derivative works are subject to the following creative commons license (cc-by-nc-sa).

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