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How to Write on a Regular Basis

A good trick is to write a big long list of ideas for posts. A less good idea is to then include at the top of said list a post about dub reggae. Posts that require a lot of research are the enemy to writing regularly.

But yes, I do have a list and that post about dub reggae is at the top of that list for whatever reason. And this post – this one right here – is part of an avoidance mechanism, though I can’t be certain whether it is hard work, research, or potential ridicule that I am avoiding. (Not that fear of ridicule usually prevents me from writing about things I know nothing about.) I guess that writing about not wanting to write about dub reggae, I have at least arrived at a subject about which not many people bother to write. On the other hand, what does my proposed post about dub reggae actually have to say? And how would I write about the subject differently to anyone else? And what makes me think that I could seriously turn around a post like that (research and all) in three to four hours, the time that I like to spend on these posts?

There we have hit upon one of the “hows” of writing on a regular basis – don’t overreach for the time you are prepared, or are able, to put in. OR if you do want to overreach, try to find out how often you are happy to post knowing that you are producing your best possible work. OR you can learn to multitask and devote your time to writing several posts at the same time, hopping from one to another as you hitting sticking points with motivation, research, and the like. As long as you put in the time with your strands each day/week when you come to write, all will be well.

I guess by having a semi-fleshed-out list of about fifty or so posts that I want to write, I have made some sort of commitment to writing on a regular basis – even if I haven’t been true to myself lately and spent enough time writing.

I don’t think that post on dub reggae with a gazillion cool Spotify embeds and a Verite timeline is going to appear any time soon. But a few more posts about South America probably will, along with the odd album digest and/or understated classic. And then one day, when you least expect it, you’ll find I am writing to you about Kingston Jamaica and reggae and dub versions and King Tubby and Scientist and Augustus Pablo.

Hero image is the big list as written up in Goodnotes on my iPad and then mucked about with in Pixelmator.

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