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Three Years

Today is the official birthday of this blog. Like the Queen, it has two birthdays: one for when it was originally started and another that is the date of the oldest remaining post. When I was starting out I faffed around a bit until I worked out what I was willing and able to write about so a few of the very earliest posts got deleted. The oldest remaining post is this one about buying a whole load of J. G. Ballard novels with the aim of reading them all for this blog. For the record I have read as far as “The Unlimited Dream Company” but have only got as far as writing about “Concrete Island”.

What would I say that I have learned after all this time? Only that you have to be happy to blog regularly and that, like anything that requires happiness to do, you can actually create the momentum for doing it by doing it. As I read somewhere today: breaking is the gateway drug to making. There are quite a few posts on here that make me think “if only I’d had or taken more time over that” but then I also know that there are other posts that are better because that slightly creaky one is there. I also know that some posts are a bit rubbish because if I had waited for them to be perfect, they wouldn’t actually ever have seen the light of day.

In the next year this blog is going to change a bit. One possibility is that it might get abandoned for a while but I will do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen. There is a real momentum to this now and I am really enjoying it, so I will do my best to continue!

If you’re enjoying the blog, feel free to sign up to the e-mail updates. There is a sign up box in the sidebar on the right with a button that says “Yeah! Let’s do this!”. That phrase is kind of becoming my motto now. It just means that whatever I do in the next few months, you’ll be the first to hear about it… and trust me, it’s gonna be good!

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