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Resolution Time!

How time flies! It seems like just a few weeks ago that I wrote a post about new year’s resolutions and pledged to defer making any resolutions until today, the 17th of June. I confess I haven’t really come up with anything yet, save to apply for an(other) MSc and do really well at it […]


Fun With Colours

Have installed the “Color Posts” plugin that changes the background of single posts according to the average colour of the featured image (or for posts with no featured image, the first available picture). Here “average colour” means the average of several sample points. There’s fun to be had navigating from post to post and guessing […]

Random Photos

Foxy Foxy

This little chap is one of three cubs that live in the hedges behind the car park at work. Normally his brothers/sisters are out playing too but today they weren’t around. They must all be pretty close to full-grown now. This one had a good scratch of his fleas – one of his legs was […]