Where Is Your Cat Finding All These Dead Birds?

Owners of cats will know that their pets love to bring home a tribute. Usually a bloody sparrow poised on the cusp of life, with the joy of the kill deferred to its grateful recipient. Other times expensive koi carp fished out of suburban ponds. Sometimes impossibly large spiders caught weaving their own ironic cat’s cradles between their captor’s outstretched paws, just so.

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Album Digest February 2015: Aphex Twin, The Orb, Susanne Sundfør

Album Digest February 2015 features two part twos and an extraordinary album from Royksopp collaborator Susanne Sundfør.

  1. Aphex Twin "Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 EP"
  2. The Orb "The History of The Future Part 2"
  3. Susanne Sundfør "Ten Love Songs"

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Wearable Tech: The EigenMask

My idea for wearable tech that people actually need is a mask that can change your appearance on CCTV cameras. I may have conceived this idea during a cheese dream immediately after watching “Minority Report”. Anyway, you need this. Not because you are a criminal but because you have an identity to hide. I don’t believe that CCTV prevents crime (that’s a debate for a whole other post) and I think there’s very little to be gained from it after one occurs. Even so, the mask I propose would not prevent you from being identified if you were to commit a crime in front of the camera.

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A Little Surprise


My flat is full of little surprises. Like the time I smashed my bowl and found a dustpan and brush in the cupboard from the previous tenants. On Friday, I saw something glinting under the sideboard in my entrance hall and coaxed out this toy tipper truck. I hope it isn’t too much missed by its previous owner!

Understated Classics #29: Let It Come Down by Spiritualized

spiritualized let it come down coverI think that listening to Let It Come Down by Spiritualized for the first time during my initial weeks on antidepressants will always affect my feelings towards it. For me it is a great big comfort blanket of a record. Coming after one of the all-time best break-up albums (in an artistic sense) in "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space" perhaps it's not that much of a surprise. Layered in orchestras, horn sections, and gospel choirs, it's not understated at all but hopefully I can persuade you that it is a classic nonetheless.

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Writing As It Happens

I’m pretty close to a round number. To date I have written 298,500 words for this blog, not counting posts that I have discarded or deleted. This will be the 505th post currently on the blog, which makes for an average of just under 600 words per post. Some posts are just a picture or a video or a gallery though, so that distorts the average a bit.

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